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Bumble and bumble

Bumble and bumble Styling Crème 250ml

Bumble and bumble Styling Crème 250ml

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Bumble and bumble Styling Crème

 has been created to provide your hair with that extra volume and will enhance your hair's curls. It will provide protection against UV rays and reduces static and will hold your hair's style for long periods of time. This styling cream is suitable for those with straight to wavy, healthy and/orcolored hair, fine to medium hair types.


1. Firstly, make sure your hair is damp before applying this styling cream.

2. Next, apply the product to your hair, work through the hair and style it afterwards.

3. After application and styling, you may either air-dry your hair for a shiny, sleek look, or use a blow dryer to have strong and volumized curls.


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