Collection: Curly Haircare

For Defined Frizz Free Curls:

1. No more traditional shampoo: only sulfate-free products! Use a gentle, low-foaming, sulphate-free shampoo when possible and wash hair infrequently so you don't rob it of essential oils,  your curls will be left more nourished and hydrated than ever before. 

2. Keep Curls Hydrated with Leave in conditioner: invest in a super-hydrating conditioner or leave-in conditioner to get every inch of hair nourished and hydrated. 

3. Curly Hair needs A weekly hair mask to strengthen and repair those fragile curly strands. 

How to get rid of frizz from curly hair? Humidity and Frizz are very difficult to manage when you have curls. Committing to a haircare routine is a must for dry and frizzy hair.