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Never go outside with wet or humid hair: it can freeze and break!. Blow dry your hair on low or medium heat. 

Conditioning the hair in the winter is very important to keep hair hydrated so that it does not become dry, brittle and start breaking. Use a lightweight balancing conditioner that can work as a leave-in after the shower.


Once a week to control Frizz use a deep conditioning treatment / hair mask to nourish, hydrate and repair hair.



Eliminate static hair.

Blow dryers and straighteners completely dry out the hair from any water stored in the strands. Protect it by finishing with a little Cristalli through the lengths and ends to seal the cuticles and prevent static.


Extend hair washing days. Shampoo strips away the natural oils that do the job of protecting the strands. Winter is the perfect time to start spreading out washing days. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and a conditioner with no silicones to avoid further irritating the scalp and drying out the strands. Using a Dry shampoo will soak up the oil to give renewed volume to hair


Prevent exposure. Protect your hair from synthetic fabrics that tend to create more static and damage; use a silk cap under your winter beanie to avoid breakage. 

Avoid hot water. It feels good to warm up by stepping into a steaming hot shower. However, water and steam suck out the moisture from the hair, making it more vulnerable to breakage. Warm yourself up with a hot bath or shower water, but use lukewarm or cold water to wash and rinse off your hair.  Cool water seals down the cuticles making the hair look shinier. 




What’s happening to our scalp and hair during pre-menopause and throughout menopause & how can we combat it

Is it just a bad hair day, or is it my hormones? My Hair just goes incredibly greasy in one day or My hair gets completely dry and dull

lighter thinner ponytail or an increase in hair loss when brushing /  hairline receding / wider parting—a telltale sign of hormonal hair loss

Our Scalp & hair is dramatically affected during both the perimenopausal and post-menopausal years. The hormones involved—mainly estrogen and progesterone—affect your hair’s growth cycles, your scalp and follicle health, and the natural oils that keep hair smooth and lustrous. Because of that, you may experience  thinning, lack of density, texture changes, and dryness as estrogen wanes or high levels of sebum during those hot flushes.

Sometimes your hair may look thicker and healthier; other times it may be thinner and duller. 


As estrogen starts to decline, the delicate balance between estrogen and the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for masculinizing changes such as hair loss, gets disrupted. Women who have a genetic predisposition to hair thinning may begin to see

a lighter thinner ponytail or an increase in hair loss when brushing  hairline receding / wider parting—a telltale sign of hormonal hair loss

Low estrogen levels can also affect your hair growth cycle, shortening the growth phase and delaying the stage when the hair regrows. Your hair follicles also miniaturize with age, so the strands coming out of them are finer, resulting in an overall lack of density.


Just as your skin gets dry as estrogen is on the decline, your scalp and, by extension, your hair strands lack hydration, too. A reduction in estrogen results in reduced sebum (oil) production, which normally lubricates the scalp. The result is dry skin and a flaky scalp And, since that hydrating scalp oil isn’t there to work itself down your strands, hair is also drier, as well as duller, more brittle, and breakage-prone.


Dryness can make a scalp cranky. The skin’s barrier (the outermost layer) forms tiny cracks when it’s dry, which allows irritants to get into it and cause inflammation. Also, if you’re experiencing hair thinning then your scalp is more exposed to environmental aggressors (such as UV rays) and harsh ingredients. This leads to more inflammation. and increased scalp sensitivity.


Hormones can affect the shape of some hair follicles, changing them from, say, circle-shaped follicles that produce straight hair to oval-shaped follicles that produce curly hair.
The coarse, wiry feel of some strands stems from the lack of natural oils. Sebum helps to maintain hair’s pH in a healthy acidic range. Acidity keeps the hair cuticle cells lying tightly against each other like slates on a roof. TEXTURE CHANGES can be due to change Sebum Levels that alter the natural scalp pH balance. Without the acidity, the cuticle cells begin to lift up and pull apart, leaving hair looking dull and feeling rough.

Pre-menopausal, menopausal & Post-menopausal Haircare routines for thinning hair / Dry-Dull hair / sensitive scalp / itchy flaky scalp / greasy scalp

ALFAPARF SCALP RENEW: for Thinning hair

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Take care of your scalp, keep it balanced by using scalp rebalancing products



Massage the scalp often to maintain circulation and scalp health.

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 DRY, DULL STRANDS: for hair that is also drier, as well as duller, more brittle, and breakage-prone. ALFAPARF Moisture nutritive range

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TEXTURE CHANGES due to change Sebum Levels that alter the natural scalp pH balance

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Protect Hair that Breaks easily when brushed

Cold, dry air, Windy Wet harsh weather, and everything that comes with it can make your hair dehydrated and more prone to breakage than the warmer months. If your hair is feeling dry and brittle, try these tips to keep it healthy and hydrated. Protect Hair from irish weather by using products that SEAL THE CUTICLE, therefore external moisture from weather cannot get into the cuticle to expand it, cause split ends and breakage or dried out Humidity from rain and indoor heating MYLOOK.IE


Benefits of Keratin treatment over Brazilian blow out.

Keratin treatments are great at really really increasing the Shine of your hair. They smooth the hair cuticle and generally giving you salon-worthy manageability for months on end. New keratin treatments are more gentle and have been using less heat.ALFAPARF Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Express Smoothing Method Kit NEW FORMULA This kit costs €39.95


Effect of Humidity on Scalp and Hair

As the temperature increases & humidity is high, your hair and scalp is likely to be effected by the heat, oil and sweat buildup.
Hot and humid weather is also the time when you might get scalp build-up dandruff, greasy hair and Scalp acne (folliculitis).

Maintain a healthy scalp and hair in humid weather.

ALFAPARF DANDRUFF SCALP SCRUB, Shampoo and Leave-in conditioner at MYLOOK.IE

ALFAPARF MILANO Shampoo is sulfate Free & specifically formulated for different types of dandruff: Itchy scalp & flaking & scalp buildup from excess Sebum 



Autumn Haircare for dry hair

DRY HAIR Needs Care , Hydrating mask and nourishing  

DRY HAIR Needs Care | Dry-straw-Frizzy, Dull and Unmanageable Hair caused by lack of sebum in hair & seasonal temperature changes & central heating.

Especially if you Colour your hair or chemically Treat it. Use ALFAPARF MOISTURE NUTRITIVE Range to nourish & Hydrate, Restore softness and manageability.




 Want that "Just Coloured hair Salon Look and Shine" each time you wash your hair?
Want that "Just Coloured hair Salon Look and Shine" each time you wash your hair?

Restore that "Just Coloured Salon Look and Shine" to your hair. Maintain and REVITALIZE color or add a new shade to your look with Alfaparf Milano Pigments. 

ALFAPARF Pigments are so versatile. They can be used on  natural or colour treated hair to add dimension and shine to your natural hair colour or Intensify and revitalising colour and tone to your cosmetically coloured hair. 


 Curly Girl Hair Needs lots of Care at MYLOOK.IE

Curly Girl Hair Needs lots of Care

Why is it that we always want what we don't have....If you have naturally curly / wavy hair you want to straighten it to control the frizz and if your hair is poker straight you want to curl it. But Naturally Curly hair is envied because it creates a natural frame around the face, which gives a sensual effect.




Anastasia Beverly Hills | Vegan |  preservative-free, and cruelty-free | Best makeup products  

What Is The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brand Known For?

The Anastasia Beverly Hills brand is known for quality cosmetics made with ingredients that are preservative-free, and cruelty-free. They carry a variety of high-quality products, ranging from liquid lipsticks to brow products, designed to help you create gorgeous looks in every circumstance.




 What causes Dandruff?

What causes Dandruff?

This is the most common type of dandruff. It usually occurs during the winter months and results from cold, dry weather. Skin is prone to drying out during the winter months which can make dandruff worse