Collection: Scalp and Haircare Treatments

 To Heal weak hair, Start with the Scalp. Scalps can be dry and flaky or oily. Soothe & Massage the scalp with Tonic or Lotion after shampoo to restore Vitality and Rebalance Scalp natural Moisture

Dry scalp & Dandruff will cause the hair shedding as the scalp weakens the grip on hair follicles. Maintain optimum scalp strength. Nourish and strengthen hair fibers with hydrating shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Improve scalp health with exfoliating hair scrub and massage the scalp with hair tonic / Lotion.

Thinning hair will not fix itself...Take Action Now. In order to restore loss of vitality of the hair follicle, you need to invest in your scalp. Treat with a sulfate free shampoo and lotion / tonic containing prebiotics and probiotics & restore the health of your scalp to reset follicle re genesis.