Collection: Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning hair  in women will not fix itself...If you can see your scalp easily through your hair then take action. Restore Vitality of the hair follicle.  Treat your SCALP with ALFAPARF TONIC and LOTION,  thinning hair treatment to strengthen, redensify and  stimulate growth. 

Maintain optimum scalp strength to fight hair shedding.

Use Sulfate free shampoo and lotion / tonic containing prebiotics and probiotics to restore the health of your scalp to reset follicle regenesis.

Nourish and strengthen the Hair Fibres with Alfaparf scalp renew Thinning hair shampoo

Improve scalp health with exfoliating hair scrub

Massage the scalp with hair tonic / Lotion. Boost the circulation to the scalp by massaging every day to restore scalp health.