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ALFAPARF Pigments - Ultra Voilet.22

ALFAPARF Pigments - Ultra Voilet.22

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ALFAPARF Pigments - Ultra Voilet . 22

Ultraviolet from the Pigments line is a hair color that preserves and guarantees the quality of violet shades and and enriches dark and very dark color with highlights. It can be mixed withany ALFAPARF Shampoo & Conditioner or ALFAPARF Hair Mask to revive and keep colors looking vibrant and bright. Has a powerful anti-yellow action. 

  • Suitable for all hair types - natural, chemically colored and bleached
  • They adapt perfectly to any cosmetic environment
  • They can be mixed with a wide variety of products to revive and keep both natural and cosmetic colors looking vibrant and bright.
  • The pure pigments are able to modify their structure according to the pH of the environment they are in
  • The pigment molecules are dispersed in a cellulose grid where they remain intact until they are mixed

How to use:

For Hair Treatment: (10:1) 10g Shampoo/Conditioner/mask/vial + 1g pigment (2 pumps)

For Hair Styling: 0.25g each application (1/2pump)

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