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Alfaparf Milano professional

ALFAPARF Keratin At-Home Express Smoothing Treatment +shampoo and conditioner

ALFAPARF Keratin At-Home Express Smoothing Treatment +shampoo and conditioner

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Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Express at home smoothing treatment, Shampoo & Conditioner

The Affordable At-home Keratin smoothing Treatment that contains everything you need to conduct an Express Method Lisse Design smoothing treatment service from the comfort of your own home. This designed for women with naturally wavy or curly hair who want it to be straight and smooth and shiny. 

Benefits of Alfaparf Keratin Treatment: Its up to 5 times more affordable than a salon Keratin Treatment. One application leaves the hair silky smooth and sleek for up to 4 months. If you struggle with frizz or managing and taming wavy hair this at home treatment smooths out curls and kinks for a silky soft straight shiny salon finish. With the Irish summer providing the 4 seasons in one day this at-home keratin treatment is the solution to controlling hair without humidity affecting it. For everyone who has a busy lifestyle and not enough time to spend doing the perfect blow dry this product reduces styling times drastically for up to 4 months.


Step 1 1x Deep Cleansing Shampoo 40ml

Step 2 1x Smoothing Fluid 100ml

Step 3 1x Rehydrating Mask 40ml

How to use ALFAPARF Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Express Smoothing Method NEW FORMULA

1. Apply Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Lisse Design 1 Deep Cleansing Shampoo to damp hair, massage to create an even Lather, then rinse. Repeat.

Note: If the hair is very curly / coarse leave the deep cleansing shampoo on the hair for 5/10 minutes. apply a cap and apply heat by hair dryer. Then rinse thoroughly.

2. Dry the hair from roots to ends using hairdryer. Divide the hair into 4 sections or 6 sections if the hair is very long. 

3. wear gloves, apply the Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Lisse Design 2 Smoothing Fluid.

4. Divide the hair into sections approximately 2cm deep. Use the mouse maker to apply the fluid all over, keeping 0.5cm away from the root. Distribute evenly over lengths and ends using hands. Make sure that the hair is very wet.

5. Cover the hair with a cap and process under heat for 20 minutes. After processing, remove the cap and leave the hair to cool at room temperature for 5 minutes.

6. Without rinsing the hair, apply the Rehydrating Finishing Mask and Distribute through lengths and ends with a comb. Leave for 5 minutes then rinse quickly to remove the excess product, for 15 seconds if the hair is short and for 30 seconds if the hair is long.

7. Use a Hairdryer to rough dry hair until it is 80% dry. Iron the hair in 0.5cm Sections using the guidelines indicated in the table.

Benefits of ALFAPARF Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Express Smoothing Method Kit NEW FORMULA

- Lasts for up to 4 months

- no formaldehyde.

- Completely safe and made in Italy

- Incredibly high-performing

- Achieves smooth, tame and defined hair that lasts to 4 months

- Reduces frizz

- + 27% improvement in hair strength

- Suitable for all hair types (even bleached and treated)

Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments essentially have the same effect on hair: both eliminate frizz and boost shine. They're safe for all hair types and can be done on color-treated hair. However, Brazilian blowouts are more customizable.

There is one big difference in terms of the degree of intensity. Keratin treatments offer more smoothing and deep conditioning benefits than the Brazilian Blowout. They generally tend to straighten your hair and reduce the volume of your locks

 There is more of a smoothing and deep-conditioning effect with a keratin treatment ... as it contains less harsh chemicals and silicones, which weigh down the hair and clog the scalp as compared to a Brazilian blowout. 

A Brazilian blowout typically lasts about three months where a keratin treatment typically lasts three to five months. This all depends on how often you shampoo and the natural texture of your hair

The main innovations of ALFAPARF Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Express Smoothing Method Kit NEW FORMULA

New formula and new packaging. The professional formulas feature a new smoothing technology, bond System, for increased hair protection. All new formulas include a new keratin and collagen of plant origin.  an innovative bond technology which works both inside and outside the hair fiber. Babussu Oil adds increased softness, silkiness and shine to hair. The Rehydrating finishing mask also has a new more conditioning pink coloured texture.

 The smoothing technology used in the ALFAPARF Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Express 2 Smoothing solution is based on glyoxylic acid and a special booster to ensure better results.

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