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ALFAPARF Scalp rebalance oily shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner 1L

ALFAPARF Scalp rebalance oily shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner 1L

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ALFAPARF Scalp Rebalance oily shampoo smoothing conditioner & thermal protector spray

 for frequent cleansing of scalp with greasy hair & smoothing conditioner. Thermal protector dry spray formula keeps hair dry & protected from heat-styling with flat iron or curling tongs. Works well with frizzy, dry or over processed hair leaving hair very soft & lightweight

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Rebalancing Shampoo for Oily scalp greasy hair 1L

gently cleanses hair that is prone to excess oil and gets greasy quickly. Hair feels lighter after cleansing with this shampoo. 
 It normalizes the scalp pH, and has a rebalancing effect on scalps with excess sebum / greasy hair 
This Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Rebalancing Shampoo for oily scalp is:
 Sulfate free (SLES FREE) gentle on the scalp, kind to hair and color gives a rich creamy lather. 
It does not weigh the hair down and leaves the scalp soothed and refreshed.
It can be used frequently
Apply Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino re-balancing low shampoo for oily scalp  to damp hair and emulsify. 
Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.
For best results use ALFAPARF Rebalancing Scrub to remove excess oil / grease /scalp buildup caused by dried oil / greasy hair / excess sebum on the scalp. 
Check out our blog on re-balancing the scalp and controlling oily / greasy scalp with scalp buildup & dandruff


ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino Smoothing Conditioner

is a line of hair care products created to control unruly and difficult to manage hair. They hydrate the hair, align the fibers and counteract frizz caused by humidity and atmospheric agents, restoring natural beauty.

The products in the ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino Smooth line are vegan friendly, free from animal origin and animal-derived ingredients. They include a bio-based fragrance with flowery notes, that is naturally-derived and obtained from renewable sour

Formulated with:

FRIZZ DEFEAT PROTEIN: to provide anti-frizz protection for soft tamed hair.

COLOUR FIX COMPLEX: Its UV Filter and anti-oxidant formula protects the cosmetic colour and keeps it looking intense and vibrant for longer.

SHINE FIX COMPLEX: Illuminating power from root to tip.

URBAN DEFENSE PRO: Total Protection anti-pollution shield.

Climate Proof: A Protective Barrier keeps hair Hydrated in the event of changes in humidity and temperature

  • Vegan formula
  • Bio-based fragrance
  • The rich texture envelops the hair
  • Incredible taming for straight hair
  • Protects against the heat of hot styling tools
  • For frequent use


Protects the hair fiber against the heat of hot styling tools. Its dry spray formula means hair remains dry for styling with the flat iron or curling tongs. Works well with frizzy, dry or over processed hair

Spray evenly over hair before using hot styling tools.

The thermo-active shield protects the hair fiber from the heat of hot styling tools.

Its dry spray formulation allows you to avoid wetting the hair before styling with straighteners or tongs.

Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal protector is suitable for all hair types. The spray has heat protective properties.

It has a lightweight formula that does not weigh the hair down.

It has a sleeking agent that leaves the hair soft, smooth & shiny.

It doesn't wet your hair when applied, like the other heat protectors do.
It doesn't "sizzle" when you use your hair straighteners It even stops that outer layer of frizz that grows through the day.

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