What is scalp buildup? Why Does it make my scalp itchy and irritated? How can I control Scalp Build up?

What is scalp buildup? Why Does it make my scalp itchy and irritated? How can I control Scalp Build up?

What is scalp buildup? Why Does it make my scalp itchy and irritated? How can I control Scalp Build up?

I just washed my hair yesterday, yet today my scalp is irritated, itchy and already i notice scalp buildup. I shampoo twice and really scrub the scalp during shampooing process to really cleanse the scalp, but the following day the irritating itch returns.

Does scalp buildup cause flaky scalp?

Dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) is the most common cause of an itchy rash on the scalp in adults and tends to affect the whole scalp;

Why does only the back of my head itch?

Psoriasis is another common cause of itchy scalp and is often found just on the back of the scalp.

How do you stop an itchy scalp and scalp buildup?

Reduce your risk for an itchy scalp by washing your hair regularly to remove built-up oils. Wash your hair in warm — but not excessively hot — water to avoid irritating and drying out the scalp. To reduce allergic reactions, try to avoid using products that contain: dyes.

ALFAPARF Semi di Lino Calming Tonic SCALP RELIEF Sensitive Skin is a soothing fluid for sensitive scalps that relieves itching. Semi di Lino Scalp Relief Calming Tonic for Sensitive Skin. Instantly & directly Calms tingling and discomfort. Formulated with Specific active ingredient Italian caper extract to sooth regain comfort of the scalp. Reduces scalp reddening, burning and itching. 


After washing hair with AlFAPARF MILANO SDL Calming Micellar Low Shampoo,apply (morning or evening) directly to the scalp and massage in gently to help it absorb. Do not rinse off. We recommend applying the tonic 3 times a week for at least 4 weeks.

The professional hair care product is gentle on the hair and hair color. It is free from paraffins, parabens and mineral oils and will not weigh your hair down. 

  • Recommended for Sensitive Skin
  • Restores Scalp and Hair Balance to Their Natural Harmony
  • Soothes, Comforts and Hydrates Sensitive and Itchy Skin
  • Sulfate Free
  • Safe on Color Treated Hair
  • Adds Brilliant Shine and Softness

The premium hair tonic contains unique complexes that protect and revitalize hair and calm and soothe the scalp.

Micro-Biotic System: An innovative combination of probiotics and prebiotics designed in the Alfaparf Milano laboratory to keep the skin barrier in balance. It restores the scalp and hair to their natural harmony.

Derma Comfort Complex: An Italian caper extract which helps to regain comfort of the scalp.

Can scalp buildup cause hair loss?

In short: yes. Scalp buildup can cause hair loss if left untreated and the dead skin, oil, and sweat clog your hair follicles. This can lead to an uncomfortable condition called folliculitis.

Folliculitis causes inflammation of the hair follicles that sometimes results in infection. Severe cases of folliculitis may cause crusty sores that don’t seem to heal. These sores can cause permanent hair loss and scarring.

What happens when you scratch your head a lot?

When a person scratches an itchy scalp repeatedly or aggressively, they can damage their skin and hair follicles. This damage can result in temporary hair loss, bleeding, and scabbing from the scratching. Once the scratching stops, the hair will usually grow back

When I scratch my head white stuff under nails?

Not only does your scalp have a plethora of sweat glands, but it also has an abundance of sebaceous (oil) glands, which produce oily sebum. Have you ever scratched your scalp and noticed white, waxy buildup under your nails? That's sebum mixed with dead skin cells.

Why do I suddenly have scabs on my scalp?

What can cause sores or scabs on the scalp? Sores or scabs on the scalp are often harmless and clear up on their own. However, they can sometimes be the sign of a condition that may require treatment, such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, or head lice

Is it normal to have gunk on your scalp?

The scalp produces a natural, waxy oil called sebum from glands beneath the skin. Some people produce more of this oil than others. Sebum plays an important role in protecting your skin from infection and helping keep it moist. However, when the body produces too much sebum, it can build up on your scalp

What causes scalp buildup?

There are different causes of scalp buildup. It’s important to know which one you’re dealing with.

This will help you find the right treatment. It will also give you the necessary information on how best to prevent scalp flaking in the future.

Natural buildup and product buildup are the two main causes of scalp buildup.

Natural buildup

Natural buildup on the scalp involves several factors.

Dead skin cells

The skin cells covering your body are constantly dying and regrowing. When they die, they’re supposed to shed. New ones should grow to replace the old ones.

But for some people, the dead skin cells do not shed fast enough, and this can lead to a buildup on your scalp. A buildup of dead skin cells will usually cause a lot of flakes to fall from your scalp.


The scalp produces a natural, waxy oil called sebum from glands beneath the skin. Some people produce more of this oil than others.

Sebum plays an important role in protecting your skin from infection and helping keep it moist. However, when the body produces too much sebum, it can build up on your scalp.


In addition to sebum and dead skin, your scalp produces sweat. This can also add to your scalp buildup.

Some people naturally sweat more than others. If you’re especially active, you might also sweat more than most people. A sweaty scalp often causes greasy hair and may give off an unpleasant odor.

Product buildup

Residue from hair products is the other likely cause of scalp buildup.

Many hair products contain waxy substances that can stick to your hair and scalp if not thoroughly rinsed out when you wash it.

Examples include:

  • shampoos
  • conditioners
  • styling creams, oils, gels, and foams

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