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ALFAPARF Scalp Renew Thinning Hair - Hair Loss Energizing Lotion (12*10ml)

ALFAPARF Scalp Renew Thinning Hair - Hair Loss Energizing Lotion (12*10ml)

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Alfaparf  Scalp Renew Thinning Hair - Hair Loss Energizing Lotion (12*10ml)

is a Thinning Hair Treatment for women that strengthens, redensifies and stimulates hair growth.

Energizing Lotion gives renewed energy to weak / Thinning hair that is prone to falling out, it leaves it feeling fresh and does not weigh it down. This Prescriptive solution  is formulated with specific Bio-Active ingredients:
- Biorenew Complex: Blend of natural ingredients that prolong the life of the follicle and increase its vitality.

- Microbiotic System: Mix of probiotics and prebiotics active ingredients, the Scalp treatment helps to keep the bacterial flora of the skin in balance.

- Urban Defence Pro: Biotech active ingredient, Anti-pollution shield for total protection.

- Color Fix Complex: Anti-oxidants and UV filters for maximum colour protection.

- Shine Fix Complex: 24 hours of brightening power from the roots to the ends.

Free From: Sulfate, Paraben, Minerva Oil, plant extract allergens. Not tested on animals

  • Easy to apply
  • Instantly absorbed
  • Long-lasting feeling of freshness
  • Does not weigh hair down
  • Ideal for frequent use
  • Kind to hair and color
  • Aromatic, mint, peppermint, green, musky fragrance

After washing hair with Alfaparf Milano Energizing Low Shampoo, apply the contents of a vial to the scalp. Massage in with circular movements to help it absorb. Do not rinse off. For intensive treatment: use 4 vials a week for 3 weeks. Then: 2 vials a week for 5 weeks.

Give your scalp some me time by regularly using ALFAPARF Scalp renew shampoo and massaging the scalp with alfaparf scalp renew tonic for 5-10 minutes to improve circulation of scalp

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