Collection: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products are longlasting. the  Dipbrow Pomade has waterproof formula, vegan, and with an impressive shade range, Dipbrow Pomade is the go-to for perfectly precise brows. The creamy, budge-proof formula applies effortlessly to the skin. The Brow Wiz has a small tip which is to be used to mimic the look of real hairs. The Brow Definer has a much larger tip, in the shape of a triangular wedge. It is to be used to 'define' a bit more strongly than the Brow Wiz and you can create different shapes depending on which side hold the pen from. A brow pencil that does it all in record time, lasts all day, and looks natural while doing it, you can't go wrong with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. Favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Products · 7B Brush Duo · Dipbrow Gel · Dipbrow Pomade · Brow Wiz · Brow Definer · Brow Pro Palette. 

Brow Wiz can’t be beaten for precision and creating that natural effect. “It’s an ultra-slim pencil perfect for creating extra-definition and hair-like detail to any brow,” Soare adds.

Specifically, for covering sparse patches toward the beginning of the brow, directly above the bridge of nose. 

The Brow Powder Duo is the most bang for your buck, lasting longer and allowing you to produce an ombre effect: lighter at the top of your brows and darker toward the tail.

Not to mention, the pressed powder formula can even double as an eyeshadow and the duo is available in a variety of color pairings to suit your complexion.