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ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino SCALP Rebalance Scrub, Shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner

ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino SCALP Rebalance Scrub, Shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner

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ALFAPARF Semi Di LinoSCALP Rebalance Scrub, Shampoo & Conditioner

 is great for controlling greasy hair, excess sebum, scalp build up and Dandruff caused by Humid weather.

ALFAPARF scrub removes excess sebum / grease & build up on scalp, ALFAPARF Balancing Low Shampoo cleanses & rebalances the scalp and hair & ALFAPARF Nutritive Leave-in conditioner hydrates the lengths and ends of hair. Alfaparf is Sulfate Free and will not fade cosmetically coloured hair.

ALFAPARF Milano Semi Di Lino Scalp Rebalance Gentle Exfoliating Scrub is great for those who have an oily scalp or are prone to excessive skin buildup such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis

  • Gelatinous consistency enriched with micro granules
  • Develops a rich lather when mixed with water
  • Feeling of wellbeing and deep cleansing
  • Kind to color
  • Citrus, floral, lime, green tea fragrance

Apply to a dry scalp. Massage in gently. Add a little water and massage until you obtain a smooth, even lather. Rinse thoroughly. We recommend carrying out the treatment when needed but not more than once a week.

ALFAPARF Balancing Low Shampoo ( Oily Scalp) 250ml gently cleanses, normalizing the scalp, and has a rebalancing effect on scalps with excess sebum. This Scalp rebalancing shampoo for oily skin is Sulfate free (SLES FREE) gentle on the scalp, kind to hair and color gives a rich creamy lather. It does not weigh the hair down and leaves the scalp soothed. For frequent use. Apply to damp hair and emulsify. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino Smoothing Conditioner for Frizzy Hair controls, smoothes and hydrates hair. This Smoothing Conditioner detangles and controls frizz, leaving hair feeling soft and light. 

 The ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino Smoothing is a line of hair care products created to control unruly and difficult to manage hair. They hydrate the hair, align the fibers and counteract frizz caused by humidity and atmospheric agents, restoring natural beauty.

The products in the ALFAPARF Semi Di Lino Smooth line are vegan friendly, free from animal origin and animal-derived ingredients. They include a bio-based fragrance with flowery notes, that is naturally-derived and obtained from renewable sour

Formulated with:

FRIZZ DEFEAT PROTEIN: to provide anti-frizz protection for soft tamed hair.

COLOUR FIX COMPLEX: Its UV Filter and anti-oxidant formula protects the cosmetic colour and keeps it looking intense and vibrant for longer.

SHINE FIX COMPLEX: Illuminating power from root to tip.

URBAN DEFENSE PRO: Total Protection anti-pollution shield.

Climate Proof: A Protective Barrier keeps hair Hydrated in the event of changes in humidity and temperature

  • Vegan formula
  • Bio-based fragrance
  • The rich texture envelops the hair
  • Incredible taming for straight hair
  • Protects against the heat of hot styling tools
  • For frequent use

The Semi di Lino line created to control rebel and difficult to manage hair
Hydrates the hair, aligns the fibers and counteracts frizz, restoring natural beauty.

Studies conducted on hair treated with ALFAPARF Smoothing Low Shampoo + ALFAPARF Smoothing Mask / ALFAPARF Smoothing Conditioner +ALFAPARF  Smoothing Cream +ALFAPARF  Smoothing Oil, in comparison with hair treated with base Shampoo alone showed 98% less frizz after first application lasting for around 72 hours.

Apply to lengths and ends after shampooing and leave for 1 to 3 minutes. Massage and rinse thoroughly.

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