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Nioxin 3D Intensive Diaboost Treatment 100ml

Nioxin 3D Intensive Diaboost Treatment 100ml

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Description: Nioxin 3D Intensive Diaboost Treatment is a hair treatment that provides visibly thicker-looking hair instantly. The treatment gives damaged, thinning hair strands more definition and volume, from its roots to the tips. Dermatologically tested, it enhances the volume of existing hair, maximizes the diameter of hair strands, lightweight formula that enables quick absorption, non-greasy, leave-in enhancer, a soft and non-aggressive solution that soothes your scalp, stimulates hair growth.

Nioxin for thinning hair or progressive thinning are specific nutrient formulations of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments  that promote optimal scalp health and hair follicles strength to slow the process of follicle narrowing that causes hair loss.

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