NATURA BISSÉ Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanser 150ml



NATURA BISSÉ Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanser is formulated to gently remove toxins, pollutant particles, impurities…Every day many elements are deposited on your skin’s surface, which can cause skin imbalances and alterations. Protect your skin and remove these elements, make-up and excess oil in just one step with this gentle, daily facial cleanser. This is very delicate on the skin, and preserves all its hydration and comfort. The result is incredibly clean, supple and flexible skin. Suitable for vegans. Dermatologically tested.

Gently eliminates impurities, ideal as a daily facial cleanser.

Maintains skin hydrated, flexible and comfortable.

Removes even the most resistant make-up

NATURA BISSÉ Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanser is formulated with:
Chelating agent that captures heavy metals present in the atmosphere to prevent oxidative stress, in addition to maintaining firmness, suppleness and moisture.
Antioxidant complex consisting of ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley extract helps protect skin from heavy metals and free radicals caused by pollution.
Water lily, with soothing and calming properties, helps relieve skin and reduce skin discomforts.