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Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands AERO Aerated Self Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands AERO Aerated Self Tanning Foam

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Bondi Sands AERO Aerated Self Tanning Foam

is an Ultra lightweight aerated foam that is enriched with nourishing ingredients, easy to apply, quick drying and non-sticky that develops into a deep, natural looking colour that lasts up to 7 days. Achieve the beautiful bronze natural looking tan with a coconut scent.

Suitable for all Skin Tones who want a long lasting, dark tan  that can be applied by First time tanners and tanning pros alike. 

Ensure your skin is clean, exfoliated and free of any moisturizers.

Apply Bondi Sands Aero liberally to a tanning mitt before using a long sweeping motion to legs, arms and body. Use remaining residue on tanning mitt for face, elbows and knees.

Leave on skin for at least 6 hours. Shower with warm water and gently pat skin dry. For the deepest tan re-apply Bondi Sands Aero 30 minutes after initial application.

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