Winter Haircare products to protect hair

Winter Haircare products to protect hair

Never go outside with wet or humid hair: it can freeze and break!. Blow dry your hair on low or medium heat. 

Give hair extra love and care during these months. Conditioning the hair in the winter is very important to keep hair hydrated so that it does not become dry, brittle and start breaking. Using a lightweight balancing conditioner that can work as a leave-in after the shower.

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Once a week to control Frizz use a deep conditioning treatment / hair mask to nourish, hydrate and repair hair.



Eliminate static hair.

Blow dryers and straighteners completely dry out the hair from any water stored in the strands. Protect it by finishing with a little Cristalli through the lengths and ends to seal the cuticles and prevent static.


Extend hair washing days. Shampoo strips away the natural oils that do the job of protecting the strands. Winter is the perfect time to start spreading out washing days. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and a conditioner with no silicones to avoid further irritating the scalp and drying out the strands. Using a Dry shampoo will soak up the oil to give renewed volume to hair


Prevent exposure. Protect your hair from synthetic fabrics that tend to create more static and damage; use a silk cap under your winter beanie to avoid breakage. 

Avoid hot water. It feels good to warm up by stepping into a steaming hot shower. However, water and steam suck out the moisture from the hair, making it more vulnerable to breakage. Warm yourself up with a hot bath or shower water, but use lukewarm or cold water to wash and rinse off your hair.  Cool water seals down the cuticles making the hair look shinier. 



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