What are the Best Hair Products 2021 for Shiny Glossy Glass Hair?

What are the Best Hair Products 2021 for Shiny Glossy Glass Hair?

What are the Best Hair Products 2021 for Shiny Glossy Glass Hair?

Every woman wants beautiful, shiny hair. After all, having shiny, glossy locks is pretty much the holy grail of hair care.  We are on a never-ending quest to combat dull, dry hair to obtain that Mirror like glass shine finish.

How can I transform dry dull hair into the Glossy, Glass hair?

If you’re considering skimping on hair-care, don’t! This look is all about light-reflective locks, which will be impossible to achieve if your hair is dried out,  under-nourished and Frizzy

Nourish Your Hair 

Shiny hair is healthy hair, so the first and most important step is to keep it nourished and cared for. This means a gentle shampoo and a rich, nourishing conditioner: Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating Low Shampoo & Conditioner BundleTo get maximum shine, wash and condition your hair, then blast it with a cold-water rinse for about three seconds. This helps seal in conditioner, making hair easier to style and adds a ton of shine, Blow-dry while brushing with a natural boar-bristle paddle brush.


Seal The Cuticle

After cleansing and conditioning Your hair is smoother and shinier when you seal the cuticle. Spray in after conditioning and before styling each strand of hair in a waterproof formula that is resistant to frizz and flyaway-causing humidity. Use: ALFAPARF SEMI DI LINO Extraordinary All-In-1 Fluid 125ml and ALFAPARF SEMI DI LINO Sublime Cristalli Spray 125ml that contains Flaxseed Oil and Vitamin E whose anti-oxidant properties protect your hair from frizz, humidity and pollution.

Does my hair type-texture determine what products I should use to Boost Shine?

For Normal to Dry Hair, Hair oil sheen sprays are your best bet. Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine100ml or Moroccanoil FINISH glimmer shine spray 100 ml

These hair types can tolerate a heavier amount of oil without looking oversaturated or weighed down.

For Fine hair, consider a Light Hair Serum

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil -30ml or Kérastase Elixir Ultime L'Original Hair Oil -100ml 

For dullness, choose a serum that will induce shine and luster to your hair. You can find various serums depending on your hair needs, such as heat-protecting serum, volume-boosting serum, anti-split-ends serum, and serum for colored or chemically treated hair.

Prolong your Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment contains keratin (the natural protein in human hair). This treatment is ideal for individuals with curly or frizzy hair. It helps one achieve semi-permanent silky smooth hair. It is popular due to its anti-frizz and conditioning effects. 


To Prolong your Salon Keratin treatment use:

ALFAPARF MILANO LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy Maintenance Shampoo

ALFPARF LISSE DESIGN KERATIN THERAPY maintenance conditioner 250ml

ALFAPARF MILANO Keratin Therapy  Lisse Design Rehydrating Mask, Formaldehyde free, the Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Hydrate hair stop it drying out: for poker-straight hair.

How can I Revive Shine and Gloss to Cosmetically Coloured Hair?

Add maximum gloss to Hair with Pigments

ALFAPARF  Pigments are a temporary hair color and sealant that goes on clear and locks in shine for strands from root to tip. Mix the Pigment with your favourite ALFAPARF Shampoo to enhance your hair's radiance, shine, and overall feel. 

ALFAPARF MILANO Semi Di Lino Moisture + Alfaparf Ultra Voilet .22 Pigments At-Home Hair Color Shine Revival Kit

ALFAPARF MILANO Semi Di Lino Moisture +Ash Gold .13 PIGMENT At-Home Ash Gold Blonde Hair Color Shine Revival Kit

ALFAPARF MILANO Semi Di Lino Moisture + .35 - Golden Mahogany pigments At-Home Hair Color Shine Revival Kit

Use Hair Gloss Treatment

the treatment comes in Crystal Quartz, meaning it goes on clear and is suitable for any hair color. Bonus: It's silicone-free, ammonia-free, OLAPLEX No.3 HAIR PERFECTOR - 100ml. The clear formula can be applied in the shower, left on for 15 minutes, then rinsed from your strands. It’s specifically made to deeply condition your hair and boost shine—exactly what you want for that glass hair look.

Use Hair-Oil-Treatment.

For supremely shiny hair, go a step further and try a hair oil. It should ideally be a lightweight formula that absorbs deep into dry hair, giving you soft hair that is not greasy or weighed down. ALFAPARF MILANO Semi Di Lino Reconstruction SOS Emergency Oil for Damaged Hair 6 x 13ml 


The whole premise of glass hair is to have Super Straight Strands therefore you’ll likely need to blow dry your hair straight before you begin to really style this look. Before reaching for the blow-dryer! use ALFAPARF MILANO STYLE STORIES BLOW-DRY CREAM


Once your hair is dry, Straighten your hair in small sections—again, the goal is perfectly straight hair, so don’t rush through this step. For the smoothest finish possible, run through your strands with a boar-bristle brush once you finish straightening. 

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