Best Hair Repair Products for Damaged Coloured Hair that breaks easily when washed or brushed

Best Hair Repair Products for Damaged Coloured Hair that breaks easily when washed or brushed

Do you relate to the following, Fragile-damaged hair that breaks easily when:

  • Washing hair in feels sticky and lots of hair falls out
  • Brushing hair after breaks easily and chunks of hair left in the brush
  • Lots of broken hair in towel after towel drying 
  • All of the Above

DONT WAIT, START NOW the process of repairing the health of cosmetically coloured damaged hair.

Strengthen your hair with Alfaparf Semi di Lino Reconstruction Reparative Collection so that it will stop breaking when wet 

Realize that the process of cosmetically colouring your hair strips the natural pigment from your hair. It also removes all the natural vitamins, proteins, and nutrients of each of your hairs.Hence your hair ends up very weak. Also, when the hair is wet, it’s much weaker.

Our hair is made up of various layers. The external layer is called the cuticle, which is formed of a variety of proteins called keratins. The hair cuticle has a structure of scales that are one on top of the other, aligned vertically. This is what gives volume, flexibility and elasticity to the hair. Bleaching damages the cuticle, and this scale structure isn’t resistant anymore. And when the hair is wet, these proteins form weaker bonds, deforming the cuticle to the point that it lifts up and breaks. If at this weakness, we add on that we keep treating the hair in the same way that we did before the bleaching, the result will be broken hair.

Best Haircare Routine for Coloured Hair that Breaks easily when washed or brushed

1.Change your hair care habits in the shower as well as out of the shower. When you wash your hair, wash your hair softer. Simply rubbing the scalp with the pads of our fingers, while making small circles will get the hair clean, and stimulate blood flow, which nourishes the hair follicles. Use Sulfate free shampoo to prevent loss of the expensive cosmetic hair colour

Dont wrap you hair in towel as this causes hair breakage

To avoid more damage and breakage untangling hair, use a hair mask ( intense conditioner) when you are in the shower and after 5 minutes, softly brush through hair to untangle. Hair will be softer and tangles will be much easier to brush through..then rinse

This way, you avoid breaking the hair fibers.

If you skip conditioning treatments,  switch up colors too often your hair will become fragile and break easily during washing or where you sleep on it. Bleach will eventually weaken, damage and break your hair over time.

How to bring your hair back from the Breaking Point & how to make sure it never gets there again?

Breakage from repeated usage of hot tools will occur if the hair is bleached & dry. Stop abusing the broken hair. So, if possible, leave the breaking hair out of the hot styling process and slather the ends with a treatment serum or oil.

Are you prepared to follow a process for a few weeks to replenish and strengthen hair ? that is prone to breakage available now at with FREE Shipping


Sulfate-free shampoo does not contain sodium Laurel Sulfate which is nothing more and nothing less than pure detergent. Detergent that makes a lot of foam, but also that dries out the scalp, leaving the hair cuticle much weaker.


Repairs and rebuilds to restore strength and structure to the hair fiber.

The kit consists of:




Apply ALFAPARF Semi di Lino RECONSTRUCTION Reparative Low Shampoo on wet hair and rinse. 

Apply ALFAPARF Semi di Lino RECONSTRUCTION Reparative SOS Emergency Oil on wet hair,  brush through hair gently to avoid additional breakage and leave hair under heat source for 5-10 minutes or blowdry hair completely. Rinse Thoroughly.

Apply Semi di Lino Reconstruction Reparative Mask after shampooing on towel-dried hair, leave on for a few minutes and rinse.

Every other hair wash use a hair mask for deep conditioning and hydration to coloured hair. The longer you leave it in your hair, the better. For even better results brush the mask through hair and leave in overnight, for intense hydration and rinse through the following morning. brush hair whilst rinsing to detangle. Hair hydration and softness is restored and less damage to hair.

 Haircare for Damaged hair need solid consistency for a few months to restore strength. 

This is also a good treatment for cosmetically coloured hair prior to your next salon visit.

Try to steer away from using too many heat tools on your hair, especially right after you get it colored

Hair growth supplements and conditioning treatments are great way to rejuvenate hair strength prior to getting new colour.


When you're bleaching your hair, the cuticle will be swollen which will give you more body, but also it will be a bit more dry, so you can rinse it and condition it, but don't wash it — especially the first 24 to 48 hours after.

Bleach interacts with pigment in the hair in a chemical process called oxidation. This causes the release of the pigment, explaining how it lifts hair color,   Heat may also be used, as it speeds up the oxidation reaction. So if you wait until your roots are longer than two or three centimeters, your roots will develop at two different speeds. 

When Hair is too damaged and "gummy" to take the color well (that’s a term for when wet hair is sticky and prone to breakage) sections of hair will snap and break easily snapped easily

When the bleaching agent dissolves your natural melanin, along with the pigment, it can strip hair of its natural oils, leaving you with dry bleached hair. It also raises the cuticle, making each strand very porous – it’s why bleached hair often becomes brittle and knots much faster.
So,  prevention is much better than cure. Hairdressers recommend a hair Mask every other night for two weeks in the run-up to an appointment, along with a decent trim. Keeping up regular appointments is important too, as the recommended schedule for bleached hair is to snip at least a few centimetres off each month, which will certainly help to cut down on any associated frizziness and frayed ends.
 Healthy-looking bleached hair is totally achievable.

  Alfaparf Reparative Hair shampoo & Mask bundle with cristalli for damaged hair that breaks easily available at with free shipping



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