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Kativa Keratin Brazilian Hair Straightening Set

Kativa Keratin Brazilian Hair Straightening Set

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Kativa Keratin Brazilian Hair Straightening Set is a Hair Straightening set created and approved by Kativa herself, containing 3 haircare products. These products include:

- Treatment 100 ml.

- Shampoo 35 ml 

- Conditioner 35 ml 


1. Wash your hair 1-2 times, with the pre-treatment shampoo thoroughly.

2. dry your hair and section your hair with clips.

3. After sectioning off your hair, apply the treatment with a brush leaving approximately 2cm away from the scalp.

4. After you have covered all your hair, comb through it all so there is no excess product.

5. leave the treatment in your hair to develop for 30 minutes.

6. use a hairdryer to dry the treatment into the hair.

7. use a hair straightener to straighten the hair 5-7 times until the full head of hair is straight.

8. Finally, do not wash the hair for 3 days after treatment for the best results.


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