HAIR MASK V HAIR CONDITIONER, Can I use a Hair Mask Instead of a Conditioner?

HAIR MASK V HAIR CONDITIONER, Can I use a Hair Mask Instead of a Conditioner?

HAIR MASK V HAIR CONDITIONER, Which is Better? conditioner or a mask? Or both? Can I use a Hair mask instead of a conditioner?

If you have long hair, though, use a hair mask instead of a lighter conditioner every time you shampoo. If your hair is in very poor condition and it is dry and damaged from colouring and styling then a mask will help repair it. If your hair tends to be dry you can absolutely use a hair mask as a conditioner. 

If you have hair that tends to be oily or is very fine and thin, though, you may not want to overuse your hair mask as it could weigh your hair down. If you have fine or thin hair, put away the hair mask and stick with a lightweight conditioner (on only the ends and rinsed out well) offers all the smoothing you need.

How do I use a hair mask?

One of the major differences in application of hair mask & conditioner is the time they are left on hair for. 

Leave conditioner for no more than 1 to 2 minutes.

A hair mask requires a lengthier leave-in period, varying anything from 15 min to even overnight! Hair masks are typically used post hair-wash and on wet hair. But for hair which require intense repair, it’s recommended that you apply it pre-wash. This allows the moisturizing agents to penetrate deeper & repair damage. Unlike a conditioner, a hair mask is not required after every wash. Depending on the hair texture, using a mask once or twice a week is more than enough. 

How do I choose the right Hair Mask?

ALFAPARF MILANO have a range of Hair Conditioners and Hair Masks to suit all Hair Types: Fine Hair, Dry-Damaged Hair, Coloured Hair.

ALFAPARF MILANO Professional salon quality illuminating sulfate, paraben and paraffin free shampoo, hair conditioner and Hair mask for normal hair that gently cleanses, making your hair soft and silky. Its four complexes protect, revitalize and give extreme shine to your hair.


It’s such a small addition to your routine but will almost guarantee healthy hair.

 The Alfaparf SDL diamond conditioner acts to detangle and soften but a hair mask will often contain more active ingredients that will actually repair your hair. The Alfaparf Diamond Illuminating Mask features the same three unique complexes to preserve your hair colour and boost shine. It also includes omega 3 and 6 extracts which smooths the hair’s structure and helps to repair the fibre. This mask is perfect for every hair type but especially for colour treated hair because it helps repair the damage that the process can cause, and also maintains the intensity and radiance for longer.


Flaxseed extract releases shine*, from the roots to the ends of the hair for 24 hours.


UV filter and anti-oxidant to improve the longevity of the color.
Even after 9 washes, the tone is intense and shiny (up to 91%)

How to use:

Similar to other masks, simply coat your hair from ends to roots in a generous amount of the mask after you’ve washed your hair. Leave in for 10 minutes then rinse out.


BEST Hair MASK 2021 for DAMAGED HAIR @MYLOOK.IE is theALFAPARF MILANO Semi di Lino Reconstruction Reparative Mask 

with BAMBOO MARROW + CORTEX REPAIR to provide nourishment repair and reconstruction of the hair fiber.

Combination of natural active ingredients rich in Silicon with a restructuring action.


UV filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of color.


24 hours of brightening power from the roots to the ends.


Anti-pollution shield for total protection.


BEST Hair Mask 2021 for DRY HAIR @MYLOOK.IE is the ALFAPARF MILANO Semi di Lino Moisture Nutritive Hair mask 

is an intensive, deeply hydrating mask which nourishes dry hair, weightlessly replenishing it with vital nutrients. It smooths the hair fibre with healthy omegas and fatty acids, derived from Linseed Extract. This Hair Mask is suitable for dry or tangle prone, unmanageable hair and is a deeply nourishing treatment to leave your hair brimming with softness and silkiness typical of healthy hair.

Some of the main benefits from this mask are:

  • Colour Fix Complex prolongs colour intensity
  • Nutri-Sugars Complex optimizes hydration levels in the hair shaft

What makes a good hair mask?

Ingredients such as proteins and keratin to strengthen hair, lipids like coconut or olive oil to create shine and moisturizing ingredients including vitamin E, avocado and argan oil.

Usually, a hair mask is a mixture of highly hydrating butters and oils, conditioning ingredients, hair softeners, strengtheners for hair.

How does a hair mask help?

Think of a hair mask as an at-home nourishing treat for your hair - just like how weekly face masking is a rejuvenation for your face. The highly moisturizing ingredients in hair masks help bring in much-needed moisture and nourishment to your hair. In particular, hair masks are great for dry and damaged hair - although there's a mask for almost every hair type and concern out there.

What is the difference between a hair conditioner and a hair mask?

A hair conditioner is just that - it makes the hair strands soft and manageable (conditioned). A hair mask goes deeper than that, and also deep hydrates the hair strands, besides performing a conditioning job.


When should I use hair conditioner and when should I use hair mask?

A conditioner is for regular use, while a hair mask is ideally used once a week.


What is the best way to apply a hair mask?

Most hair masks work best when applied to clean, towel-dried hair that's still damp.


Can I use a hair mask each time I wash my hair?

Given how rich masks tend to be, it will be a bit of an overkill to mask after every wash. Keep it to once or twice a week unless your hair is extremely dry and damaged.

How do I apply the hair mask?

Conditioners are ONLY meant for use on hair strands. Whereas hair masks should ideally be applied from root to tip.  

Hair Masks: Are they just thicker conditioners?

Conditioner is the first thing a hair mask is often compared to. But they’re quite different. Apart from the thicker texture, a hair mask differs the way it nourishes hair. A conditioner, as the name suggests, conditions the hair. It helps protect hair from environmental influences such as dirt & pollution and makes it more manageable. But most of the benefits of a conditioner are limited to the outer layer of hair. And this is where a hair mask differs. A hair mask provides intense hydration and nourishment that reaches deep inside the hair structure. It does more than just soften your hair, it nourishes and regenerates. 


Do I really need a hair mask?  

Another common misconception about hair masks is that they’re unnecessary, especially if you use a conditioner. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even if you don’t subject your hair to heat or colour treatments, the environmental factors such as stress, pollution, dirt & grime change the texture of hair over time. A hair mask penetrates deeper in to the hair shaft to help repair the daily damage. Using a hair mask, that’s suited for your hair type, is a big plus for your haircare routine!


What type of hair mask do I need?

That depends on your need and your hair/scalp type. Drier hair requires more intense hydration therefore, hair masks which are oil-based work better at taming dry tresses. On the contrary, thin hair, oily hair, or hair which lack volume must be treated with products which include lighter ingredients such as jojoba oil & clay. Coloured hair requires special ingredients which repair the damage caused due to harsh chemicals and prevent the colour from fading.


Can I leave a hair mask in overnight?

Yes, you can leave a hair mask on overnight, but it is not necessary. ... It's worth to try out for extremely damaged hair but leaving it in 5 minutes or up to an hour depending on the directions of the hair mask should be just enough time to give your hair the added moisture it needs.

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