Restore the Natural pH Balance to your irritated Scalp

Restore the Natural pH Balance to your irritated Scalp

Why is it so important to Restore the Natural pH Balance to your irritated Scalp?

If you want the healthiest shiniest strongest hair you need to protect and nourish your scalp.

Everyday your scalp fights bacteria and fungus to protect your hair. A healthy scalp provides that protective barrier to our precious hair seal them maintain perfect moisture and prevent them drying out with natural oils which prevents hair damage and breakage.

What products can I use to maintain the natural pH of scalp.

Products that are more alkali will cause the hair follicles to expand and release much needed moisture which reduces hair growth and makes hair look hard, dry and frail. This is why it’s important to use products that work in conjunction with each other to remove dirt and buildup without stripping your hair away from the moisture it needs to thrive. 

Use products that have less alkali and to help maintain acidity of your hair’s pH balance between 4.5-5.5ALFAPARF Milano Semi Di Lino Scalp Renew BUNDLE Scrub, Shampoo & Tonic Bundle which contain MICROBIOTIC COMPLEX: probiotic and prebiotic complex developed to balance the skin barrier and restore the natural harmony of hair and scalp. Probiotic bacteria are naturally present on the skin. They feed on prebiotics and preserve the microbiome. The result? Healthy scalp and beautiful hair.alfaparf milano semi di lino scalp renew shampoo to restore scalp natural pH balance available at


Helps to maintain your hair’s elasticity

The pH balance of your scalp controls your hair’s ability to hold moisture and maintain its sebum. Sebum is your hair’s natural conditioner, a protective shield that is responsible for maintaining moisture. Moisture is what gives your hair the ability to bend and not break during manipulation. When your hair loses its moisture, it becomes dry and prone to breakage. Always remember to keep your hair moisturized, as it’s a vital to your hair’s elasticity and natural hair growth.

Reduces the risks of breakage from chemical treatments

Chemical treatments such as dyes and relaxers will alter your hair’s natural pH balance. This change will affect the health of hair, weakening protein structure, causing dry, brittle hair that will ultimately stunt hair growth. This occurs when there is a sudden or drastic change to your pH balance and  increase in alkalinity. When deciding to use a chemical treatment, always consider the impact it will have hair’s pH balance.



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