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Clinique Fresh Pressed Lote 7-Day System with pure vitamin C (2 pieces)

Clinique Fresh Pressed Lote 7-Day System with pure vitamin C (2 pieces)

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Description: Clinique Fresh Pressed Lote 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C is an anti-ageing treatment set that contains a potent cleansing powder and a skin-boosting solution. The two work to give you a brighter and a more youthful complexion. They also work to visibly rejuvenate and refresh the skin. This anti-ageing treatment can be used weekly. It has been stored in stay-fresh packaging, which keeps each Vitamin C product isolated until its needed and when it has been exposed to oxygen. By doing this, the formula is activated which allows the best results.


Recommended time to use this duo is in the morning  

1. Start by pouring the powder into the wet hand.
2. Add water to the powder and mix until it turns into lather.
3. Gently massage the  formula into the skin, while making sure to avoid the eye area.
4. After application, leave it on for approximately 1 minute to seize the potency of     pure Vitamin C
5. Rinse the cleanser thoroughly.

1. Leave the cap on. Remove the foil
2. Firmly press the inner bulb twice to let out the Vitamin C powder into the soothing emulsion.
3. Shake it for approximately 15 seconds before using this product
4. Remove the cap.
5. Mix 2 drops with your regular moisturizer morning and night to upgrade your usual skincare routine.

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