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CHANEL Les 4 OMBRES # 322- Blurry Grey

CHANEL Les 4 OMBRES # 322- Blurry Grey

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Description: CHANEL Les 4 OMBRES # 322- Blurry Grey is a 4-powder eye-shadow mini palette.This is perfect semi matte shadow set that emphasizes the eyes amazingly. The colors are unique neutrals, matte but not at all chalky or dry or aging. Although matte, there is a creamy glow, and the colors are not dull. The finish really shows how less can be more. The darkest colour can be used as a liner and for bolder looks. They blend really easy, and stay all day. 

The colors are great everyday colors, very neutral, and easy to blend,

The colors could also be used to make a great smokey eye

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