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Did you just get your hair colored?

There is nothing worse than spending big bucks at your hair salon for the newest trending color and than having that new Salon Shiny hair color fade after a week or the first wash.

How to keep your hair color Salon Shiny fresh

If you dye your hair You must use a Sulfate Free shampoo, as sulfates strip and fade color.

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Diamond Illuminating Shampoo 1000ml at MYLOOK.IE pump included   ALFAPARF milano semi di lino Reconstruction Reparative Shampoo 1L at with pump included  alfaparf milano diamond illuminating shampoo for normal hair 1L with pump included and moisture Leave in conditioner to detangle and soften hair at   alfaparf milano semi di lino diamond illuminating haircare bundle for cosmetically coloured or highlighted hair at  

What hair products prevent hair color from fading?

ALFAPARF MILANO Sulphate Free hair products are designed for both color treated and natural hair. Sulphate-free shampoos are much kinder to color treated hair as they don’t stripe moisture and color from the hair strand.

How can we keep Fresh highlights / Low-lights from fading?

ALFAPARF MILANO Sulphate free shampoo / conditioner / mask do not have the concentrated emulsifying surfactant cleanser ingredient that creates lots of suds in your hair which strips the color from your hair strand.

Using the right hair products and treatments for your colored hair and your hair type will keep hair strong and avoid fade of  hair color until your next hair color appointment is due. 

Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Moisture Nutritive shampoo 250ml


ALFAPARF SEMI DI LINO nutritive detangling fluid 125ml

Preserve those expensive Highlights and Low-lights by always using Alfaparf Milano Sulphate Free hair products.

How can I protect my colored hair and keep hair colour intensity looking vibrant for longer?

Using the proper shampoo and conditioner in your hair care routine is a big step, but when it comes to protecting against color fade, it’s not quite enough. To elevate your hair care routine to match your hair color's high maintenance needs, stock your shower with ALFAPARF MILANO HAIR MASK.

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Mask


No matter what your hair type...ALFAPARF MILANO has a sulphate free formulation perfect for colour preserve hair colour, intensity, vibrancy

Can heat cause my new hair colour to fade?

Yes..wash colored hair in lukewarm shower. 

Since heat can be a culprit of hair color fading use alfaparf style stories before blowdrying to protect those precious highlights / Lowlights   

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