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ALFAPARF Scalp Renew Energizing Shampoo 250ml

ALFAPARF Scalp Renew Energizing Shampoo 250ml

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Description: ALFAPARF SEMI DI LINO scalp renew energizing shampoo 250ml  is gentle energizing shampoo for weak hair giving renewed vitality and energy to weak hair that is prone to falling out. This Sulfate free shampoo is gentle on the scalp, Kind to hair and color, gives a Rich and creamy lather and provides a Pleasant feeling of freshness with an aromatic, mint, peppermint, green, musky fragrance. It does not weigh hair down. It can be used frequently. Also available as ALFAPARF SEMI DI LINO SCALP RENEW Energizing Low Shampoo 1000ml

Free From: Sulfate, paraben, Minerva Oil, plant extract allergens. Not tested on animals.

Prescriptive solution formulated with specific Bio-Active ingredients:- Biorenew Complex: Blend of natural ingredients that prolong the life of the follicle and increase its vitality.

The SCALP RENEW Range of Products are specifically formulated for the sensitive scalp with:

MICROBIOTIC COMPLEX : An innovative probiotic and prebiotic complex developed to balance the skin barrier and restore the natural harmony of hair and scalp. Probiotic bacteria are naturally present on the skin. They feed on prebiotics and preserve the microbiome. The result? Healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

BIORENEW COMPLEX:  Natural ingredients for prolonging the hair follicle's life cycle and increasing its vitality.

PURE SET COMPLEX: Normalizing active ingredients prevent scalp flaking.
SEBENORM COMPLEX: A replenishing active ingredient that reduces greasy scalp.

DERMA COMFORT COMPLEX: Italian caper extract for scalp comfort.

COLOUR FIX COMPLEX: Its UV Filter and anti-oxidant formula protects the cosmetic colour and keeps it looking intense and vibrant for longer.

SHINE FIX COMPLEX: Illuminating power from root to tip.

URBAN DEFENSE PRO: Total Protection anti-pollution shield.


For Best Results apply to damp hair and emulsify. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Can be mixed with Pigments.


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